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How Does Eating Make You Feel?

Most food tastes great, but how does it that food make you feel? We’re here to shed some light on how food affects you physically and mentally.

The right foods enable your body to function. Think of food as a source of information for the body. What you eat tells your body how it’s going to run. So instead, we should be looking at food as a way to create health and reduce disease. How is this done exactly?

The simple answer is by properly nourishing your body. Healthy eating is essential for memory, mood, and focus. It also assists in regulating sleeping patterns and energy levels in conjunction with your health as a whole. We understand how important each of these functional assets are to you, which is why we made the AntiBrand Bar as easily digestible as foods can get.

Mental Stimulation

Something interesting that isn’t really talked about is how much food can affect our minds, just as much as it affects our bodies. You know those hormones dopamine and serotonin that you hear a lot about? Well, the type of food that you allow into your body has an affect on those neurotransmitters. It can either make you feel not so great or really good. So why don’t we go ahead and choose the latter.

AntiBrand is here to make those dreams come true. We are manufacturing a product that will help you function in all facets of life, and we believe mentality is a large player of the game. Our bars are made with your stomach and brain in mind.

These bars are made to be eaten when you need something quick, that will fuel your intellect and creativity. We formulate our food to make sure it does not contain additives, inflammatory agents, or trans fat so virtually everyone can eat it. We want you all to feel your best so you can function optimally.

Finding Foods That Make You Feel Good

Do you think it’s hard to find foods that make you feel good?

It can be and we’ve had a hard time with that too.

It has taken a lot of research looking into FODMAP, anti-inflammatory, and other friendly foods to create what is in our bars today.

After some trial and error, we came up with a bar that is completely natural and will make you feel good after eating it. No more terrors of stomach pain or indigestion after eating. No more false labeling with product names you can't pronounce. No more feeling bad after eating! AntiBrand is here for YOU.

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